Think about it, do you even know how old your furnace is? Was it in your house when you bought it or did you install it yourself? If it’s been having some problems and you’re not sure whether you should repair or replace it, check out these 5 signs to see if you need to get a new furnace, stat.

1. Your Furnace Is, Well, It’s Vintage

Was the last time you bought a furnace a few decades ago? Then it’s probably time to think about getting a new one. A furnace or boiler can usually last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Some conk out on the earlier side of that lifespan, so after about 12 years make sure to consult an HVAC professional about the health of your system. Even if it’s still technically working, older models can become unsafe or inefficient.

2. Your Heating/Electricity Bill Is Bigger

Models that are older and should be replaced often become inefficient. If any rooms in your house are unusually warm or cold, or if you’ve noticed a spike in humidity, you should probably see if you need to replace your furnace. And even if your furnace isn’t breaking down, older models are much more inefficient because the technology is older. So even if you have a perfectly-working older furnace, you could still save money on your energy bill

3.You’re Dusting More

Another sign that you need to replace your furnace is that you’re swiffering or sweeping your house a lot more. Because of leaky ducts, an old furnace can pull particles and dirty air into your home, causing excessive dust. It might be a simple case of cleaning your ducts, but modern furnaces can actually clean your air. So if dusting your house has become a full time job, consider getting a more modern furnace.

4. You’ve Really Gotten To Know Your HVAC Pro



Is your HVAC professional coming to your house much more than ever before? If you’ve been needing frequent repairs or are constantly having your HVAC pro check out funky sounds or smells, that’s a big sign that you’re in the market for a new furnace.


Most breakdowns and repairs happen within the last two years of a furnace’s life, so if you’ve been seeing increasing issues, it might be time to start shopping. At a certain point, the cost to repair your existing furnace will overtake the cost to simply buy a new furnace. After a few repairs, you should consult your HVAC professional to see if you’ve reached that point.

5. You Have A Flickering Flame

Have you checked your burner flame recently? Ideally it should be a bright blue without any flickering. If the flame is yellow or flickering then you could be in for some problems. That could mean that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, which is a highly toxic gas. If you see this, check your carbon monoxide monitor right away to make sure your family isn’t inhaling toxic carbon monoxide.


Do You Need A New Furnace?

Have you checked off more than a few of these signs? Then you should definitely start thinking about getting a new furnace. Modern furnaces are very energy efficient and you should start saving on your energy bill immediately. Keep them well-maintained and professionally repaired and you should get another 10-15 years out of your new furnace.


If you have any questions or want to start shopping, give us a call!